Disrupting Traditional Thoughts on Hiring

The hiring process is broken.

Let’s fix it.

Funk-e Consulting is a Marketing Agency, focused solely on campaign-a-sizing* the Hiring Process.

*Creating marketing campaigns where none existed before. *Also, not a real word.

We are putting the Human Experience back into Human Resources. Our mission is to revamp the entire hiring industry.

We can do this! But not without you. All it takes, is one caring individual in one company at a time.


We provide Marketing Services to companies in need of hiring great people.

The HR industry is ripe for creative change and we are focused on helping companies attract and retain top talent by putting the Human Experience back into Human Resources. 
You can’t do that unless you provide an amazing hiring experience – and you can’t keep employees without a genuinely great culture. We can help with both.

We Specialize In:

Creating amazing experiences for your potential and existing employees

-Serious moments of joy… like boxes of balloons with offer letters, and Workaversary parties – celebrating your employees’ tenure every year. Because duh, you want to keep them.

Employer Branding & Candidate Experience

-This is how a candidate perceives your company while going though the hiring process.

Working with existing HR Departments to jazz up their hiring process

-Death to boring job descriptions and processes!

Culture Analysis & Improvement

-Culture is not made from perks

Fractional HR Consulting & Hiring 

-Way more fun than staffing


-How to attract & retain them

Fun Fact:

66% of new hires are likely to stay longer than 3 years with a well-structured onboarding program (US Department of Labor)

That’s REAL data from the Department of Labor that proves how onboarding influences retention!

We can help make your onboarding process amazing.


Have great ideas you want to share with us? We are ALL ears! (or eyes really, since this comes in as an email)